BLUE FROG BUCKTAILS                  

                     BLUE FROG PRODUCT LINE


All Bluefrog Bucktails are produced with quality and value in mind.
We like to consider our bucktails to be "Overbuilt".

All of our bucktails are made from Quality Bucktail hair exported from the USA.
All of our bucktails are made with Extra Strong MUSTAD Hooks that are built to last.
All of our bucktails are double dipped in a marine grade epoxy to help resist wear and tear.
All of our bucktails have large lifelike 3D eyes that game fish cannot resist.

SWING HOOK bucktails have "replaceable" hooks for those anglers looking to target multiple species of fish with one bucktail or simply change hooks when needed!!!

                                                                                WHY WE FISH BUCKTAILS?

Bucktails are probably the single most important weapon a fisherman has to catch multiple species of fish in any inshore saltwater setting.

In fact, many angler websites have polled its members asking the question "If you had only one choice of lure to fish with, be it for recreational or consumption purposes, what would it be?"  The overwhelming majority polled, easily have chosen the BUCKTAIL.

Savvy Anglers from around the globe, both from a boat and shore, have learned quickly that fishing with a bucktail is extremely effective, regardless of the tackle being used, since the presentation of the "bucktail" lure when used properly, is almost always correctly positioned in the "Kitchen' of the Fish.

Catching fish on a bucktail, is perhaps the most effective, least harmful (single hook) and most exciting method available to anglers today.

There are very few who anglers who would dispute that casting the correct size, shape and color bucktail to find where, how and what the fish are feeding on makes for an extremely exciting day or night of not only fishing, but CATCHING quality species of fish, on fun light tackle combinations.  

Give Blue Frog Bucktails a try, and you will find we have the correct size, style and color to :

                                                                                     "GET HOOKED UP"


  • Available colors: Yellow/White, Green/White, All White, Black/Purple

  • Available Sizes: 1 oz, 1.5 oz, 2.0 oz, 2.5 oz

The "Arrowhead" Swing Hook Swimming bucktail is designed to be used where the waters run deep and current runs strong.

The thin profile and "hydrodynamic" shape allow for the angler to "present" the perfect profile to feeding fish where other bucktails of the same weight cannot get to. 

With all bucktails, we suggest the use of a trailer, with our preference being Pork Rind in various widths and lengths depending on the size of the bait the species of fish being targeted, are perceived to be feeding on.


  • Available colors: Pink/White, All White, Black/Purple, Green/White

  • Available Sizes: 3/4 oz, 1.0 oz, 1.25oz, NEW 2 OZ

The "Pot Belly" swing hook bucktail is designed to be used in shallow water, slower current conditions. These bucktails tend to ride a little higher in the water column, making them perfect for those shallow spots where you want to keep the perfect presentation just long enough for a game fish to pounce.

It is in these conditions that the "lifelike" action of the Swing Hook "Pot Belly" really shines for Kayak anglers, Boat anglers and Shore anglers alike.  

Many shallow water anglers have had a lot of success with over sized fluke fishing these bucktails tipped with their favorite fresh bait.

This bucktail has become a fan favorite when targeting the always elsusive "weakfish".



  • Available colors: Yellow, Black, White, Green

  • Available Sizes: 1/2 oz, 3/4 oz, 1 oz, 1.5 oz, 2 oz, 3 oz

The "Surf Style" Fixed Hook Bucktail has been designed Primarily for those anglers who prefer a Fixed hook presentation with a "OVERSIZED" Mustad 2x strong Hook in just about every popular size/weight/color combination.

Many of our fellow Surf fisherman, have helped in the design of this bucktail as they wanted a bucktail that casted like a bullet, that looked better than the current "Fixed Hook" bucktails on the market, with lifelike 3d eyes, in bright vibrant colors.

In addition they wanted a bucktail that was built to last with heavy epoxy coating and nice full hair for those situations when a little extra "Float" was needed.

These bucktails by no means can only be used in the surf, as many boat anglers have started to find out how well these work in a Three Way combination when fishing with sinkers in those hard to reach DEEP pieces of structure found along the entire coastline.

We have even been told that some of the lighter fixed hook bucktails in this line, have been used effectively for out sized Fluke, as the Hooks we use have a nice large Barb, which helps keep those big fish "buttoned" to the jig!

With all bucktails, we suggest the use of a trailer, with our preference being Pork Rind in various widths and lengths depending on the size of the bait the species of fish being targeted, are perceived to be feeding on.



Available colors: All White, Green/White, Pink/White

  • Available Sizes: NEW 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz, and 1 oz,  2 oz, 3 oz, 4 oz 6 oz, 8oz (NOW AVAILABLE)

    The "Deep Diver" swing hook bucktail was primarily developed for those anglers who are looking to target Fluke in the many deep water locations they have been known to haunt.

    Up until now, this well known shape and style jig, was only available in a fixed hook option, with a thin, rather small barbed hook.  

    We firmly believe that the "presentation" of the fresh bait trailer that anglers use to fish these bucktails for fluke, is significantly enhanced with the use of a SWING HOOK.    

    The use of a SWING HOOK, enhances the leverage an angler has on a fish, as the hook moves when the fish tries to shake its way off, making it much more difficult. 

    These Jigs have a genuine Mustad hook, with a good sized barb, that will help keep those out sized fluke on the hook, and prevent them from finding their way off.

    These Jigs have a special "GLOW" paint, making them ideal for those Deep Dark waters, where large fluke tend to hold, adding to the visibility a fluke would have before they jump on the "Deep Diver" bucktail.




     Available colors: All White, All Green

  • Available Sizes: 1 oz  (Other sizes coming soon)

    This may be the most productive "shallow" water FLUKE JIG we have ever fished.  Simply add your favorite strip bait or spearing and watch this jig out fish every other lure in your arsenal.

    The included (2) twin rubber grub tails designed specifically for this jig, make this bucktail irresistible to all sizes of fluke.   This jig is especially effective when the current slows to a crawl and the bite seems to be over!!!!

    Genuine Mustad hooks, along with realistic 3D eyes, and epoxy coating, make this jig really hold up , and the twin tails drive fluke crazy, as they refuse to let go.

    • Available colors: All White, Green/White, Black/Purple

    • Available Sizes: 1.25 oz

      This "SPECIALTY" bucktail jig has been a not so well kept secret, in such large fish places such as Orient point, NY, out near the the famous "GUT" and even more famous "Race".  Many  well respected charter captains who fish these waters, have come to use this Bucktail Jig for it is the most productive way to fish jigs in these deep, extremely fast moving waters, in a 3-WAY swivel combination, which requires the use of a heavy lead weight and long leader affixed to the bucktail jig. (SEE PHOTO BELOW)

      The Special Slope face shape allows for this jig to slide from side to side when being fished in this 3 way rig style, giving it a more lifelike swimming motion than standard bucktail jigs, making it deadly on those big hungry Stripers lurking in the deep fast moving waters of just about any area with these characteristics.

      These jigs use a Swinging Mustad 7/0 Extra Strong hook for positive hooksets that will not allow for the fish to get any leverage on the angler, unlike a fixed hook model, so you can be sure to land that fish of a lifetime!

      These jigs have been used to catch fish in many of the fast moving Inlets as well, when rigged as a 3 way, so do not overlook their fish catching ability in many locations outside the North Fork of Long Island, where they were made popular.

      With all bucktails, we suggest the use of a trailer, with our preference being Pork Rind in various widths and lengths depending on the size of the bait the species of fish being targeted, are perceived to be feeding on.









               Available colors: All White, Green/White, Pink/White and Black/Purple

            • Available Sizes: NEW 1/0, 3/0 and 5/0 VMC NICKEL SIWASH HOOKS

              New for 2011 are the Blue Frog "BIG EYE" SIWASH TEASERS.  We are excited to finally offer a quality, full hair teaser that will complement our growing list of bucktail designs.

              These teasers are made to the same standards we keep for our bucktails, in that they are made from Premium Hooks (VMC), and Premium deer tail allowing for the perfect presentation when used as dropper loops from both the beach or from a boat in conjunction with our bucktail lineup. 

              The eyes are expoxy coated so they hold up to more than one hard charging fish and repeated abuses.

              We package these Teasers in packs of two, offering both value and quality you have come to expect from Blue Frog Bucktails.

              Try these teasers in conjunction with our Deep Diver Swing Hook line of Fluke Jigs, and you will be amazed at the quality and quantity of the fluke you wil catch.

              For those anglers that fish from the surf, try these teasers in conjunstion with your surf plugs and tins and watch your hookup ratio go way up as fish react to the Predator vs Prey effect that a teaser provides! 

              In addition, these teasers will make a great addition to the back of any Plug or any Tin, as they will add a lifelike presentation, in the most popular fish catching colors available to anglers today.

              We have been told that the 5/0 version of our Teasers will make for an excellent COD JIGGING tandem, as the resurgence of COD during the winter months has been nothing short of remarkable.

              COMING VERY SOON

            • 1.5 OZ DEEP DIVER BY POPULAR REQUEST in all 3 Colors-Available Spring 2015